Proudly serving Harrow and Colchester South for close over 90 years. Our association currently mans Essex Fire and Rescue’s Station 3 in Harrow, Ontario as paid on call firefighter’s.

Association Membership

Our membership has been selected from the local community to provide the required availability for Fire and Rescue services. All members are required to pass rigid aptitude testing, physical ability testing and a regular training schedule to ensure our readiness. Our association provides fire/rescue services including medical assistance, public education, fire prevention and water rescue services for the communities of Harrow and Colchester South.

Fire Trucks
Fire Trucks on Scene

Complexities of Our Work

The members of our association take their roll as a firefighter seriously. We work hard and train hard, always looking to be ready. One of the most difficult parts of our job that is very particular to our small town environment is that we are regularly dealing with the emergencies of people we know. This can sometimes work to our advantage but mostly it can add an addition emotional layer that most large city departments only see sometimes.

Fire and Lights
Fire and Lights

Mutual Aid

We also provide inter-departmental assistance to Essex Station 2 in Gesto as well as Essex Station 1 in Essex Center. We have provided mutual aid for most of Essex County but more specifically to the towns of Kingsville and Amherstburg Ontario.