Welcome to our kid’s corner page, we have put together a list of great websites made just for kids. It’s important that children learn fire safety and prevention at an early age. These websites have put together great games and exercises that make learning fun. Make sure you have fun and try to remember the valuable lessons you have learned. Fire can be a lot less scary if you know how to be safe.

Stuff For Adults and Older Kids

Adults and older kids can go to our fire safety and prevention page for stuff geared towards them. Moms and dads its important for you to help your kids understand that the importance of what they are learning and be around while they are on the websites to help answer questions they may have.

Great Websites For Kids

Sparky Website
Sparky’s Website

Sparky the Fire Dog’s official website. Lot’s of fun and games while learning great safety lessons

Smokey Website
Smokey’s Website

The famous bear’s official website on outdoor fire safety that is loaded with games and information.

Elmer Website
Elmer’s Website

Great safety lessons and activities from the official website of good old Elmer the Safety Elephant.

Fire Safe Kids
Fire Safe Kid’s Website

The Fire Safe Kid Programs are free educational fire safety presentations offered to schools for children.

Fire Facts Kids Website
Fire Facts Kids Website

To be good at something, you have to practice. Well, don’t worry. Practicing fire safety has never been so much fun.

Fire Prevention Week Website
Fire Prevention Week Website

The official NFPA website for Fire Prevention Week. Lots of games and activities for all ages.