Fire Prevention

Fire Safety and Prevention

Fire safety and prevention are the number one way to keep yourself and your family and friends safe. Things change and evolve so it is a good idea to make sure you are up on the latest ways to stay safe! We have put together some resources to make the job of staying up to date easy.


Our Association

Proudly serving Harrow and Colchester South for close over 90 years. We currently man Essex Fire and Rescue’s Station 3 in Harrow, Ontario as paid on call firefighters. Our membership has been selected from the local community to provide the required availability for Fire and Rescue services.

Sparky the Fire Dog

Kid’s Corner

Hello kids, we have a special section especially for you. Go to our Kid’s Corner page for a collection of websites that make learning fire safety and prevention fun. Staying safe can be easy if you know how!

Education Is Your First Line Of Defense

Take a few minutes to brush up on your fire safety knowledge and be fire smart!

Safety and Prevention

The Harrow Crew

The Crew

These are the dedicated firefighters of the Harrow and Colchester South Firefighters Association. We train hard, work hard and play hard to keep our communities safe.

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Good Things To Remember

Test your smoke alarms and CO detectors regularly and make sure you change your batteries when you change your clocks for DST. If you are replacing your smoke alarms (they are good for 7-10 years) consider getting an interconnected set (wireless or hard wired).

Make sure you have a home escape plan and review it regularly with those in your family. It's a good idea to show everyone in the household what the smoke alarms and CO detectors sound like so they know how to recognize them when they sound. Lastly have a safe meeting place, make everyone aware of it's location and pick one that is away from your home and sheltered in case of inclement weather.