These are the dedicated firefighters of the Harrow and Colchester South Firefighters Association. The Harrow Crew train hard, work hard and play hard to keep our communities safe.  


Working out of Essex Station 3 in Harrow we have committed to make sure we are ready 24/7-365. Paid on call firefighters don’t staff the station, we all work regular jobs and answer the call when our pagers go off. It can make for long days being up all night on calls sometimes but we truly love every minute of it.

The Crew
The Crew

Paid on Call Firefighter Life

Being available 24/7 can be difficult on work life and family life. We all work our “real jobs” and dedicate some of our spare time to responding to incidents and training. The Harrow Crew can attest to the inconvenient but necessary responses during family dinners, in the middle of the night and just as you were about to start or finish something you were working on. It’s a sacrifice that few truly understand unless you have worked a job that can call you in at any second.

It’s also not just answering the call when needed, many of our members take pride in helping others when not in an official capacity also. Through work with charities (Goodfellows, Windsor-Essex Food Bank) and through donations to local teams and associations we help our communities in many ways. We also actively participate in fire prevention and education not only during organized events but by helping answer questions by people in our every day lives.

Our Support System

We owe a large debt of gratitude to all our families, companies and friends that support us on our endeavors. Without the support of these people it would be impossible to do our job. We would like to thank all those who have supported our members over the many years of it’s existence because it is only through their support that we can continue to keep our communities safe.