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Kids Page

Hello kids, this is our safety section especially for you. Below we have a collection of websites that make learning fire safety and prevention fun.

Teachers and parents, there are some great pdf downloads like fire safety activities and colouring books.

Sparky the Fire Dog
Sparky the Fire Dog
Sparky the Fire Dog's official website. Lot's of fun and games while learning great safety leasons
Smokey the Bear Kids
Smokey Kids
The famous bear's official website on outdoor fire safety that is loaded with games and information.
Elmer the Safety Elephant
Elmer the Safety Elephant
Great safety leasons and activities from the official website of good old Elmer the Safety Elephant.
The US Fire Administration kids website. Great games and information about fire safety.
Fireplace and Wood Stove Safety
Great games and information about fire place safety and first aid.
Fire Safety Resource Downloads
Here are some fun files for teachers or parents to download and use as teaching activities. Thank you to the Brampton Fire Department and the Office of the Fire Marshal for providing the public with these great activities.
Hazards Around The Home Worksheets   Fun Learning Activities
  Bathroom Hazards
  Bedroom Hazards
  Kitchen Hazards
  Living Room Hazards
Other Fun Downloads
  FDNY's Official Fire Safety Colouring Book
  Emergency Vehicle Colouring Book
  Fire Safety Colouring Book
  Home Safety Colouring Book
  Rural Safety Colouring Book
  911 - Know your address
  911 - Pencil and Paper
  Carbon Monoxide Word Search
  Escape Plan Maze 1
  Escape Plan Maze 2
  Family Escape Plan
  Facts about Smoke Alarms
  Fire Triangle - Cut and Paste
  Fire Triangle - Pencil and Paper
  Fire Triangle - Teaching Aid
  Get Low and Go - Colour
  Get Low and Go - Pencil and Paper
  Is Your Home Safe From Fire
  Matches and Lighters - Pencil and Paper
  Quiz - Fire Safety
  Quiz - What Should I Do
  Safety is a Hot Topic - Word Search
  Smoke Alarm - Pencil and Paper
  Stop Drop and Roll - Colour
  Stop Drop and Roll - Pencil and Paper
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